• Shrimp Pasta Recipe with Tomato and Spinach

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    This shrimp pasta recipe with tomato and spinach dish is a combination of two favourites that everyone loves; Seafood and Pasta! It involves all the right ingredients that are fresh, natural, light and flavourful at their best.

    The taste of pasta with fresh shrimp tossed in hints of garlic butter, combined with organic tomatoes and spinach is a dream come true. This shrimp pasta is a Mediterranean delight that is not only health but packed with flavours as well. Good news for people who are diet conscious, they can replace the pasta with whole-wheat pasta or gluten free noodles for low calorie and gluten free delicious pasta.

    Shrimp Pasta Recipe with Tomato and Spinach

    This Shrimp Tomato Spinach Pasta in Garlic Butter Sauce recipe from Julia’s Album is the perfect combination of taste and health, because the tomatoes added in the shrimp pasta are only slightly cooked. This preserves their nutrition and freshness as well as their shape. Another tasteful element in the recipe you can find is the taste of shrimp, tossed in paprika and red chilli flakes.

    All of the ingredients are combined with the delicious and dreamy garlic butter sauce and olive oil, which makes the recipe a star. All these perks are bound to earn you compliments on the shrimp pasta dish and it will be gone in a matter of minutes!

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    This is a main course recipe, so it will take about 50 minutes to prepare the dish. But all the time taken to prepare, and cook is all worth it in the end; we promise you! The trick is to keep everything fresh yet cook it nicely as well.

    You can start by sautéing the fresh shrimp in olive oil, minced garlic and butter, till it is slightly pink on both of the sides. The pink colour determines that the shrimp is still undercooked, but it will cook through later with the rest of the elements. Cooking it now will only result in hardening of shrimps later. The next step is to add in generous amounts of paprika and salt. This is to season the shrimps thoroughly for rich taste.

    Now, you can add in the fresh chopped tomatoes and cooked spinach along with hints of minced garlic (again, because it’s really the essence of the dish!) and some crushed chilli flakes to the shrimps on the skillet. Once this mixture is prepared, you can remove the skillet from the heat, and turn over to cook your pasta. You can opt for any kind of pasta for the recipe, but our favourite is the fettuccine pasta.

    After the Boil, Cook and Drain processing of the pasta, it is now ready to be added to the shrimp mixture. Combine the drained pasta to the skillet and toss it with more butter and lemon juice. Try adding more seasoning of salt and red chilli flakes while heating up your pasta dish to bring out the flavour in the pasta. Not only will this heat your pasta dish, but also add flavour. Garnish with grated Parmesan cheese and Voila! It is ready to be served.

    Get the recipe: Shrimp Pasta Recipe with Tomato and Spinach via Julia’s Album.


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