• [Recipe] Show Your Guests You Care With This Healthy Frozen Raspberry Coconut Lemonade

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    Breakfast or dessert? Smoothies are known to be a perfect breakfast or on-the-go snack any time of day and also dessert. This Frozen Raspberry Coconut Lemonade it’s also a healthy alternative to a dessert.  Not only does this smoothie look good, it also tastes great, and is very healthy.   Full of vitamins and minerals! Check out the ingredients below.

    Thanks to Travel Parent Eat for this recipe and featured image.

    You’ll Need

    3/4 c coconut water

    1/4 c lemon juice

    1 1/2 c frozen raspberries

    1/2 c vanilla greek yogurt (you could use regular, but the vanilla adds a little extra sweetness)

    1/4 c shredded coconut flakes (I used sweetened, you can use whatever you like best)

    1 T chia seed

    1 kale leaf

    Get your full printable recipe and helpful tips over on Travel Parent Eat, then tell us what you think about this healthy smoothie.





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