• Easy Recipe For Turkey Cranberry Panini

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    In less than 15 minutes you can make a really large and tasty turkey cranberry panini grilled sandwich. Packed with flavors this recipe is a delicious way to perk up those Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. Is so easy and tasty that even if you don’t have leftovers to use you will go out and buy some turkey and cranberries and make this sandwich.

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    Turkey Cranberry Panini Recipe

    3 tbsp Olive Oil
    ½ Small Onion
    3 tbsp Cranberry Sauce
    Turkey Breasts , thinly sliced
    2 Large Slices Sourdough Bread
    1 tbsp Cream Cheese
    1 ounce Grated Cheddar Cheese (30g)
    ½ tsp Olive Oil , optional

    Thanks to Heidi for the featured image and amazing recipe.


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