• Easy Leftover Turkey Recipes

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    These very tasty and easy leftover turkey recipes will make you forget you are eating leftovers from a holiday meal. the flavors are excellent and we really like how easy is to make them. Try them , theyare so good yo’ll want to make them again and again. Nothing beats a homemade turkey sandwich, a homemade turkey salad, and turkey pot pie, plus some delicious twists on your favorites .yummy homemade recipes.

    The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Sandwich

    Get ready for maybe the best leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich you have ever had!

    Put all of those Thanksgiving Leftovers to good use in this epic sandwich. Filled with: leftover turkey (duh), a crispy mashed potato/stuffing patty, cranberry Japanese mayo aioli, and bacon!

    Get the recipe: The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Sandwich

    Thanks to SAM THE COOKING GUY for the featured image.

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