• Cheesy Beef And Wild Rice Casserole

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    Have you ever felt the craving of eating something utterly delicious but at the same time worried that it should not be something completely junk and at least healthy in one way or other? Well, if you are health conscious and even on a cheat day would not prefer to have something purely unhealthy, cheesy beef and wild rice casserole is exactly what you need. It has a lot of cheese which can put an end to your craving just from the first bite and at the same time, it offers a variety of vegetables that are beneficial for your health. Moreover, it completely depends on you that how much amount and what type of vegetables you want to use. This makes the dish a versatile one that reaches and fulfills the hearts and stomachs of a larger audience. “Each according to their own will” can be regarded as its motto.

    As stated above, you can make changes with regards to the use of vegetables and the amount of cheese that you may want to use, depending on the quantity that you can allow yourself to have. However, we still have some set ingredients and a process which we follow to fulfill the desires of our heart. You can take this recipe as the basic guide and make changes or have little interventions depending on your taste buds and what feels right to you.

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    Cheesy Beef and Wild Rice Casserole Recipe


    • Lean Ground Beef: 1 pound
    • Onion: half (Chopped)
    • Mixed Vegetables: 1 pack (approximately 450g or 16 oz)
    • Long Grain and Wild Rice: 1 pack (Preferred; Uncle Ben’s) 
    • cream of celery soup: 1 can (Approximately 300g or 10.5oz)
    • Tomato Sauce: 1 can (Approximately 225g or 8oz)
    • Shredded Cheddar Cheese: 2 cups (Separate cups for 2 different steps)
    • Salt: 1 tsp or as per need
    • Ground Black Pepper: half tsp or as per need
    • Dried Italian Seasoning: 2tsp


    1. First things first, preheat the oven at 350 degrees.
    2. Take a pan, and cook ground meat along with onion until it turns brown.
    3. Leave the meat for on stove and come to the wild rice. Follow the instructions given on the package.
    4. Put all the ingredients including the beef, wild rice, vegetables, one cup of cheese, cream of celery soup and spices in a casserole dish and then spread the remaining one cup of cheese on top of it! (This is the best part).
    5. Now cover the dish and bake it for the next 30 minutes or until properly cooked.
    6. Your casserole is ready to be served!

    The cheese is the best part of this dish and one cannot deny that for sure. For the diet conscious people, you can save this dish for your cheat day if you feel guilty even after having vegetables. For cheese lovers, you can have this dish on your all time favorite list which will always make you a happy person!

    Recipe adapted from Eat Move Make.


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