• Easy And Full Of Flavor Air-Fried Garlic Ranch Chicken Wings

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    With diet programs like keto hitting the market, everyone is looking for healthy options for daily meals. This health consciousness has brought fame to the air fryer. We should all be choosing healthy lifestyles. Looking at the alarming statistics of obesity in children, we need to ensure a healthy lifestyle for us and our children alike. When looking for low carbs food you can try your hand at air fried garlic ranch wings.

    Air fried garlic ranch wings make great snacks and binge eating food. If you’re doing a keto diet or a low card diet, this recipe is a must try for you. The air fried garlic ranch wings are made of only a couple of ingredients, but they deliver great taste.

    The fact that the wings are marinated overnight makes it very easy to prep for when you want to make the dish. It can also be your emergency dish, you can marinate a couple of wings and prepare them when unannounced guests come over.

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    Air-Fried Garlic Ranch Chicken Wings

    Following are the ingredients required for Air-Fried Garlic Ranch Chicken Wings

    • Chicken wings – duh!
    • Ranch dry seasoning – make sure you buy a big container;
    • Butter;
    • Garlic – be generous with the amount of garlic you put into this;
    • Ginger garlic paste.

    Since the wings needs to be marinated, they can be mixed in the marinade and let to sit overnight. This will help the sauces to penetrate the chicken and give you a more flavorful experience. This will also help soften the chicken from the inside. When your fry this chicken, it will be crispy from the outside and soft yet flavorful from the inside.

    How to make Air Fried Garlic Ranch Chicken Wings?

    1. Melt some butter, then add the seasoning and garlic into the butter.
    2. Pour the marinade into a fridge bag and then add chicken wings. Let the mixture sit overnight or for 4 hours minimum.
    3. When they have been in the marinade for quite some time, take them out of the bag and place them in an air fryer and cook them for 20 minutes at 360 degrees while occasionally turning them on the side. Increase the heat to 390 degrees and cook for another 5 minutes. Once you are done you can serve them while they are hot.

    Sides to go with

    For the sides you can go for steamed veggies. For drinks you can go for a lemonade, which is not only refreshing but also provides a boost to your digestive system.

    A steamed zucchini with the wings will also make a great meal.

    When you’re putting the chicken in the marinade, be sure to throw some veggies in there too. When you air fry the chicken, air fry the veggies too and you’ll have a scrumptious wholesome meal.

    If you’re looking for normal sides and nothing to healthy then you can go for fries, garlic bread, Russian salad.

    You can never go wrong with wings especially chicken wings, everyone loves them. So, try this easy to follow recipe at your home and tantalize your taste buds.

    Recipe adapted from This Old Gal.


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