• This Crock Pot Pizza Is Absolutely Delish And Is Super Simple To Make

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    If you love pizza, you’ll love this Crock Pot Pizza, because it’s easy and moist and so much healthier. This pizza recipe is absolutely delish and will have you wanting more! You’re going to see a super simple but fabulous way to make it in your own kitchen! It takes no more than 10 minutes to put together and then the crock pot does the rest of the job.

    Crock Pot Pizza Recipe


    You’ll Need:

    1kg/2 lbs ground beef
    garlic salt
    minced onion
    2 cups mozzarella cheese
    400g/14 oz jar pizza sauce
    2 cup pizza blend cheese
    Your favorite pizza toppings

    Thanks to Todd of Todd’s Kitchen for this amazing recipe and featured image!


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