• Steak, Cheese, and Mushrooms? Yes Please!

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    Quick, easy and elegant are three qualities to look for in a good recipe. Well, one capable of encompassing all three are steak rolls. Cheese and other delicious fillings rolled into a thin steak that is cut into rounds before being pan seared are delectable every time. The beefy swirls give off an heir of sophistication that remains approachable and on top of that, are incredibly easy to prepare.

    There are endless filling options but cheesy crusted spinach and mushroom steak rolls left a lasting impression. The brief description alone is enough to make your mouth water since the flavor combinations are brilliant! Meaty mushrooms with steak, and bitter spinach? Come on, what can get better? You get juicy beef, the earthy flavor of the mushrooms compliments the meat and the bitterness from the spinach balances everything out for the ultimate savory bite every time.

    The rolls look like tasty little appetizers or the shining star of an entree you’ll find at a fine dining restaurant. After placing them in the hot pan, the meat browns beautifully and the cheese filling oozes out which creates a lovely crust on each swirl.

    To learn more about this amazing Quick Cheesy Spinach and Mushroom Steak Rolls recipe, please continue to Page (2) for the details.

    Steak, Cheese, and Mushrooms? Yes Please!



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