• Best Keto Big Mac Salad – Low Carb Hamburger Salad For Keto People Missing Big Macs

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    When you are on a diet or want to live a healthy life, the cravings can test your patience real bad. How long can a person stay away from fast food? Especially when it is that Big Mac which one can literally die for? Yes, we know that it is difficult and so we bring you the best Keto Big Mac Salad which will end your cravings for sure.

    At this point, it is not even an exaggeration, just stating the facts; this salad will taste exactly like the Big Mac and that too without utilizing your cheat day. So without wasting further time, let’s get straight to the recipe followed by some special tips that you can follow in order to make this experience even more rewarding.

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    Best Keto Big Mac Salad Recipe


    The ingredients are divided in two parts for your ease. The first one will enlist things you will need for the dressing and the second will include other salad ingredients.

    Dressing (The Big Mac Sauce!!!):

    1. Mayo: 3/4 cup
    2. Mustard: 4 tsp
    3. Hamburger Pickles: 2 tbsp (diced)
    4. White Vinegar: 1 tbsp
    5. Onions: 1 tbsp (properly minced)
    6. Swerve: 2tsp
    7. Paprika: half tsp

    Ingredients for the Main Salad:

    1. Ground beef: 1lb
    2. Salt: 1 tsp (or as per taste)
    3. Black Pepper: 1tsp (or as per taste)
    4. Iceberg Lettuce: 4 Cups (chopped)
    5. Onions: half cup (sliced)
    6. Cheddar Cheese: 1 cup (shredded)
    7. Hamburger Pickles: ¼ cup (diced)



    1. Heat the pan and sauté it. Then add ground beef in it. Smash it properly in order to avoid any leftover clumps. Continue cooking until it is browned and completely cooked. Remember; uncooked beef can be extremely unhealthy.
    2. While the beef is being cooked, prepare the dressing simultaneously in order to save time. For the sauce; mix all the ingredients in a bowl which include mayo, mustard, pickles, onion, paprika, swerve and vinegar. Mix it thoroughly and keep aside.
    3. Once done with the sauce, start cutting onions, lettuce and pickles for the final step.
    4. While doing all this, keep an eye at the beef. After the beef is cooked, add the seasoning (Black pepper and salt) to give a nice touch of aroma and taste.
    5. The salad can be now served anytime. The only thing you need to do now is to mix the lettuce, pickles, onions and cheese and put it in a bowl (or several bowls, depending on the servings). Add the layer of ground beef on top of it. Finally, add our favorite dressing of Big Mac Sauce and serve instantly.


    Additional Tips:

    This sauce is a treat for people on diet. Hence, what you can do is double or even triple the amount of sauce needed for the best Keto Big Mac Salad recipe and store the rest in fridge. The sauce can last for almost a week so you can use it in different salads and as dipping for various chicken recipes as well.

    Lean ground beef is a preferable option in order to have less of a hassle in dealing with the salad which otherwise might become a mess.

    The salad can be transformed into a layered one in a mason jar which you can easily carry with you.

    Recipe adapted from Two Sleevers.



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