• Easy Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe

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    This easy honey garlic chicken has so many flavors, you’ll be impressed!

    Chicken has always been a star in the dishes we cook in our celebrations, family dinners and gatherings. It can be used in any recipe as it goes well with all kinds of herbs and spices. I love cooking with chicken. It is the only meat item that is eaten by all my family members fondly. That is why I try to cook new chicken recipes now and then to make our meal times interesting.

    This easy honey garlic chicken recipe is super-simple, yet the chicken is crisp and tender with a perfect, sticky glaze. The sauce is so glossy and sticky and just perfect. When you put them together, the result is simply delightful.

    You can use any chicken piece for this recipe, however, the recommended pieces are the wings, breasts or the thighs.

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    Easy Honey Garlic Chicken With A 5-Ingredient Sauce


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