• Best Homemade Chocolate Cake Ever!

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    Extremely easy to make and very good, moist, and moderately sweet, this decadent cake is perfect for birthday parties or any other celebration. If you need a cake to impress everyone at Christmas dinner, this recipe is a wonderful choice. It will impress absolutely anyone!

    The dark cocoa powder used in the frosting results in a much darker, perfectly beautiful, and almost black frosting.

    “If you use Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder you’ll get the same effect.”

    This moist cake has the perfect crumb and gorgeous color, no wonder it’s being called The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake. This homemade chocolate cake recipe is simply awesome.


    The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake


    An intimate, yet elegant cake for your special day. This is a simple recipe that has the best part- buttery and sweet layers with chocolate chips throughout! measurements ensured even distribution of ingredients so you can have professional results every time!

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    Thanks to Rachel Farnsworth for this amazing recipe and featured image.

    Thank you for sharing!

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