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    Having a side dish is a tradition that we all follow. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a regular weekend with family, having a side dish which people love can make the dinner table look even more tempting. While there is a long list of dishes that can be made along with the main course, most of them that we all love our of potatoes, and when it comes to potatoes, who can forget the delicious cheesy scalloped potato recipes which one can die for? Well, the good news is that we have a lot of insights and different ways of altering the recipe in order to make it fit your preferences. So without further ado, lets jump straight into the tips and tricks, the additions and subtractions that you can do for making this dish fit your taste!

    Helpful hints to make these Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes epic!

    1. Extra Cheese: well, we all love cheese, okay maybe not all of us but most of us? If you are a cheese lover, you can add all the extra cheese that you may like! Does it make you worry about your weight? Honestly speaking, majority of us try to eliminate cheese and potatoes from our diet and having both of together is definitely something one can be afraid of. However, another way to look at the same situation is that we deserve to be happy and feel content every once in a while! And if food makes you happy, some extra cheese on holiday is not dangerous at all!
    2. Less or No Cheese: okay, so if you are not convinced by the above point and still prefer to not disturb your diet, or if you don’t like cheese at all, you can still enjoy the dish! You might think it will be weird that there is no cheese involved in the cheesy scalloped potato recipes, but it is quite possible and it will still taste amazing. After all, we still have our potatoes intact in the casseroles which are going nowhere! The only thing that you need to do is stop at the point where you add cheese in the sauce and you are good to go.
    3. More Garlic: Now this one is specifically for garlic lovers and can be easily skipped by those who do not enjoy it. The reason of stating it is that there are dishes in which even a little bit of extra garlic powder can ruin the taste. But with cheesy scalloped potatoes, you can go a little extra on it if you may wish. The only thing it will do is enhance the flavors and the aroma of your final product.
    4. Potatoes and Cheese: yes, you all are well aware that cheesy scalloped potato recipes will obviously contain these ingredients. The point here is to emphasis on the type of potatoes and cheese used. The preferable ones are both russet and Yukon gold potatoes along with a combination of sharp cheddar and creamy white cheddar cheese. For both the ingredients, you can either go with one of the above or a combination. In cheese specifically a combination of these two is preferred.

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