• Absolutely Amazing Appetizer-The Crispy Potato Stack

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    These very beautiful crispy potato stack make a great side dish or appetizer. They are popular,delicious and quite simple to make so today’s tutorial is going to show you exactly how to make this crispy goodness.This is by far one of the best (if no the best) form of fried potato you’ll ever have and it’s by far one of the easier recipes.

    What you need to remember when making this recipe is that you have about 30 to 40 minutes to cut your stacks before they start to oxidize and turn brown so you might want to practice it before you throw a potato stack party.

    Bonus: you can reserve the trimmings for a yummy hash brown the next morning. 


    The Crispy Potato Stack

    Crispy Potatoes:
    1 russet potato
    canola oil for frying

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    Thanks to Byron for this amazing recipe and featured image!


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