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    Some of you guys have probably not heard about hummus so I think it will be wise if we start with understanding exactly what hummus is.

    Hummus is a thick and creamy spread that is mostly made of chickpeas plus other ingredients that are healthy to your body. Although hummus just began becoming popular in most countries especially European countries and the United States, this diet has been in use for centuries in Northern Africa and some Middle Eastern African countries.

    Today this diet is being used by over 20 million people in the USA and even more people in the European countries. It is becoming famous because it has lots of health benefits.

    The diet is known because of its anti-inflammatory effect and as we all know inflammation is the root cause of most chronic diseases.

    Hummus nutrition is full of nutrients that are of great value to your body. You have nothing to worry about weight gain because hummus is a low carb diet and it is not going to make you fat. Some studies show that a hummus diet can be very effective when it comes to weight loss. But don’t take too much of it though! Like any other food, if you take too much of it you are going to add weight.

    How To Eat Hummus

    There are many ways to eat hummus and have selected a few to give you some inspiration on what to serve with hummus. With these creative ideas, you can be sure to fall in love with hummus. Check them out:

    • Dipping with fresh veggies. This recipe just happens to be the most popular hummus diet and of course, it is because of a good reason. And the reason is that it’s easy to prepare and it is super delicious! Don’t just stop at dipping the fresh veggies, take a step further and add some charcuterie boards to add some different and unique taste. Making this special hummus diet will leave the whole of your family falling in love with the food. Just how beautiful it looks is enough to add some appetite to your kid who doesn’t love eating. It is sweet as it is healthy so you have nothing to worry about getting fat.
    • Pesto. Pesto is known to have a high level of calories and taking them regularly might make you add weight but you really can’t avoid them entirely can you? When you love something you love it! Why don’t you cut the calories by trying the kale pesto hummus? The flavor will still be there and at least with a hummus diet, your pesto will be a little bit healthier. I know it is super sweet and you might be tempted to take this food every day but don’t if you are not working out. You might end up adding weight which you probably don’t want, but if you don’t mind adding weight you can go ahead and take eat every day and I can assure you that there is no getting bored by this hummus diet.
    • Nutrition bowls. You have nothing to worry about adding weight when it comes to this diet. It is as healthy as possible and it is still one of the most delicious meals in the world. Perhaps this is why this food is becoming a favorite to most foodies. This meal includes some veggies, of course, grains, hummus, and some protein foods, it can be pork, beef or even chicken! The meal is eye appealing, sweet, healthy and it is super easy to make. What more could you want?
    • Warm Pita. This traditional combination is never going out of fashion! No matter how many times you take this meal there is no getting enough of it. Change the flavor a little bit with some red peppers or other vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, snap peas and you can even try broccoli. Everybody in the house is going to love this traditional combination and your kids will be asking for more. Don’t add red peppers if your kids can’t take it, you might end up ruining everything for them.
    • Savory oats. This is the revolutionary way of changing the whole taste of healthy oatmeal. It is rising pretty much quickly and a lot of people are loving this meal! The addition of some spicy beans plus avocados is making this meal not only healthier but also delicious. Well, if you are not a fan of avocados, why don’t you try out spicy veggie savory oats? Either of the two is going to make you change your view about oatmeal and I can guarantee you are going to love it. Preparation is as easy as one two three and anyone can prepare this tasty meal.
    • Dehydrated sweet potato or eggplant toast. The use of bread toast every day can become boring. And there is nowhere written that you have to use bread to make a toast. Sometimes trying new ideas is fun and making a toast with some dehydrated sweet potatoes is a perfect idea to try out a new kind of toast. Try it out and find out if it is not the game changer you have been looking for. Since people are different maybe you might not like it (which is close to impossible) and if you don’t, then try making an eggplant toast! You are going to love everything about it. The layer should be spread at the top to make sure this snack is as compelling as possible. It is very healthy and you can even have it every day.
    • Chocolate flavors as a Nutella replacement. Well, it is not only the Nutella based options that can provide you with the healthy nutrients needed. Sometimes explore new ideas like trying out dark chocolate to change the taste. Add some coconut flavors to make it even better. These new creative additions will make you enjoy your hummus snack even more.

    Having known that, I would like to give you below some of the best healthy hummus recipes that you can prepare incredibly easy and quick. 

    5 Healthy Hummus Recipes

    1. Easy Hummus Recipe Without Tahini- 5 Minute Hummus Recipe

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    2. Roasted Garlic Hummus Recipe

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    3. Hummus Recipe With Tahini

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    4. Cilantro Lime Hummus- Easy Vegan Hummus Recipe

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     5. Authentic Lebanese Hummus Recipe

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    Featured photo credit: Canva.

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