• The Best Virgin Mint Julep Recipe For Your Next Party

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    Virgin mint julep recipes are a great way to enjoy the flavor of this classic drink without having to worry about the alcohol. There are many different ways to make a virgin mint julep, but all of them share some common ingredients and flavors.

    You can’t have a party without the perfect drink to match! A mint julep bar is a refreshing and unique way to serve drinks at any party or gathering. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or a holiday get-together, a mint julep bar is sure to be a hit with your guests.

    You can set up a mint julep bar with all the fixings, and then let your guests mix their own drinks. It’s a great way to get everyone involved in the party, and it’s also a great way to get people talking. Mint juleps are refreshing, flavorful, and easy to make. all you need is some mint leaves, bourbon, sugar, and ice. You can find all of these ingredients at your local grocery store. Set up your mint julep bar in minutes, and then sit back and enjoy the party.


    Virgin Mint Julep Recipes

    The key to making a perfect mint julep is in the freshness of the mint leaves. For best results, look for mint that is still growers’ grade and has not been sitting on supermarket shelves for too long. Once you have your fresh mint leaves, simply muddle a few leaves in the bottom of a glass, add crème de menthe syrup and lemonade concentrate, and top with ice. For an extra touch of magic, garnish with lemon slices and a sprig of fresh mint. And there you have it: a delicious Disneyland-worthy mint julep that’s sure to refresh and delight. Bon appetit!

    Here are a few recipes for a delicious virgin mint julep that you can try at home. These Mint Julep recipes are delightful and equally at home with kids, or adults.

    Disneyland Mint Julep Copycat

    This Disney Mint Julep Recipe is so refreshing and perfect for any summer day! Made with just a few simple ingredients, this delicious drink can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    Disneyland Mint Julep Copycat

    Disneyland Mint Julep Recipe/ Via Favorite Family Recipes

    Get the kids excited for their summer vacation with this Disneyland-inspired mint julep recipe. This is a great recipe for anyone who wants to make their own Mint Juleps at home without having alcohol. The easy ingredients list and simple instructions will have you enjoying this refreshing drink in no time!

    Virgin Mint Julep Recipe

    The most delicious and refreshing drink to cool down on a hot summer day. This mint julep recipe will take you back in time with its traditional flavors, just like the Kentucky Derby!

    Non-Alcoholic Mint Julep

    Serve up a Non-Alcoholic Mint Julep to celebrate Derby Day with the whole family! This easy, sweet drink is minty and refreshing. It’s perfect for those hot days at home or when you want something different than beer goggles will do.

    Disneyland’s Copycat Mint Julep Recipe 

    Disneyland’s Copycat Mint Julep Recipe

    Mint Julep Disney Recipe/Via Lil’ Luna

    Mint Juleps are a classic cocktail that can be enjoyed at any party or event. A Mint JULEP is made from many simple ingredients, but it’s the mix of creme de menthe syrup with lime juice to make this refreshing drink extra special! This Disneyland copycat recipe doesn’t need alcohol because all you’ll want after drinking one sip will probably convince your taste buds never again crave for anything else than MORE mint julienne topped off by cherries rolled in sugar atop ice-cold club soda water – what more could anyone ask?

    Strawberry Mint Julep Mocktails (Non-Alcoholic)

    No one can resist the allure of a sweet, refreshing drink featuring strawberries and mint. This simple recipe is perfect for any occasion – from kids’ birthdays to summer barbecues!

    Non-Alcoholic Mint Julep With Ginger Ale

    This refreshing Mint Julep recipe is perfect for any occasion, be it a hot summer day or not! It’s easy to make and guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth while still being low in alcohol content.


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