• Magical Unicorn-Inspired Macarons To Make This Weekend (Templates Included)

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    Ready to DIY these Unicorn and Shooting Star Macarons and in need of a great recipe to get you started on your baking journey?
    The masterminds behind the most adorable unicorn macarons at Loving Creations For You have not only the perfect unicorn and shooting star macarons recipe but also a complete set of custom-made templates for cutting out the animal shapes. These adorable treats are  filled with firm dark chocolate ganache and lemon white chocolate. Yum!!


    Unicorn and Shooting Star Macarons

    Magical Unicorn-Inspired Treats To Make This Weekend (Templates Included)

    You’ll Need

    Ingredients (approximately 32 unicorns and 32 shooting stars, 128 shells):
    200g superfine almond meal
    200g icing sugar
    200g caster sugar
    160g egg whites, divided into two equal portions
    75ml water

    White, pink, yellow, green, blue and purple gel food colouring*

    Get your full written recipe, printable templates and helpful tips as well as many other delicious recipes at: Loving Creations For You.

    Thanks to Loving Creations For You for this amazing recipe and featured image!

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