• Homemade Pretzel Rolls And Beer Cheese Recipe

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    I crave pretzel rolls whenever I see a pic of one and these look so fabulous!  This kind of bread and dip in a skill recipe comes from the redditor krittylee33. This Homemade Pretzel Rolls And Beer Cheese is not a done from-scratch pretzel rolls recipe but you can be sure that it’s delicious and what a great appetizer for a football party!

    You can’t go wrong putting this recipe together and who doesn’t just love some pub food cooked in its own kitchen! Enjoy with a nice cold beer, pretzels and beer go fabulous together!


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    Homemade Pretzel Rolls And Beer Cheese Recipe

    *Biscuits 1 can of Pillsbury biscuits each cut in half and rolled into balls (makes 16) (don’t buy the flaky kind they will fall apart) Drop each ball into boiling water with 1 tbs baking soda for 1 minute. (This pretzels the biscuits) I did them one at a time cause it was too hard to pay attention to more than one without over cooking. Place then on outside of cast iron. (Cast iron works best because it crisps the pretzels)

    *Cheese 1 8oz packet cream cheese 1 cup cheddar 1 cup gruyere 1 cup mozzarella 1/4 cup beer (dark works best. I’m from Rochester and used a Genny Bock because it’s delicious 1 heaping tbs of spicy brown mustard (I used a home made mustard because I make my own to make it really spicy but anything can be used) Bunch of cut up chives Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste Mix it all up.

    *Cook Mash all the cheese in the middle of the cast iron I topped with a little more cheddar Egg wash the pretzels and sprinkle some thick ass kosher salt on them Bake for about 35/40 at 350

    We ate it right out of the cast iron like a pull apart bread. ENJOY!!! (Source)

    Thanks to krittylee33 for this amazing recipe and featured image!


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