• Gorgeous Homemade Fish And Chips Recipe

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    In search of a good fish and chips recipe? This is the favorite takeaway dish in the UK that is loved by people all around the world. To enjoy this dish, mushy peas and tartar sauce are the perfect sides.
    Here is the best recipe for making succulent fish and chips at home.

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    Gorgeous Homemade Fish And Chips Recipe

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    Best Fish And Chips Recipe


    For Chips
    • Maris Piper potatoes
    • Cold water
    • salt
    • Beef Dripping
    • Potato peeler
    For Fish
    • Cod fish
    • Palin flour
    • Salt
    • For Batter
    • Self-rising flour
    • Rice flour
    • Vodka
    • Beer
    For Tartar Sauce
    • Anchovy fillets
    • Capers
    • Gherkins
    • Shallots
    • Parsley
    • Mayo
    • Salt and pepper
    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Lemon and lemon zest
    For Mushy Peas
    • Butter
    • Banana shallots
    • Double cream
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Frozen peas

    The Right Way to Make Chips

    • First of all, you need to peel off the skin of the potatoes. You can even make chips without peeling.
    • Then, you must cut it into pieces and add to cold water.
    • Place the bowl under running water for 3 to 4 minutes to get clear water.
    • Take a pan and pour water and salt. Place it on heat and bring to boil.
    • After that, add chips to the boiling water. Lower the flame and boil it until they are falling apart and are fluffy.
    • Place a baking sheet on a tray and spread the boiled chips on the tray to cool down.
    • Once the chips are at room temperature, place the tray in the fridge.
    • The next day, heat oil or beef dripping and add the chips to it for frying. You can take them out when light golden and crispy.

    Directions for the Fish

    When it comes to the fish, you can use any white fish you like, such as Cod, Pollock, and Coley. In today’s fish and chips recipe, I am using cod fish.
    • Start with adding salt to the fish. You should do it one hour before for seasoning the fish and making it firm.
    • The batter is the key to making the fish tasty and delicious. So, you have to get it right.
    • Add 1/3 rice flour to 2/3 self-rising flour and sift it.
    • Then, a slowly add beer to the flour and stir it.
    • Add 25 mil of vodka to the batter. The mixture should have a thick consistency just like double cream.
    • Take out the fish and remove the skin using a filleting knife. Make sure there is no meat on the skin.
    • Then, you have to remove the tiny bones. You can run your finger through it to feel the bones. Using your fingers or tweezers, pull the bones out.
    • For seasoning, in a bowl, add plain flour and some salt and mix it well.
    • Cut the fish into half and cover it in the flour.
    • After that, dip the fish into the batter and hold it still so the excess batter drips off.
    • Place the fish in the beef dripping and start frying it.

    How to Make Tartar Sauce

    • Take 3 anchovy fillets and nicely dice them and add them to a bowl.
    • Then add chopped 4 Gherkins, Capers, Shallots, and parsley to the bowl and mix it.
    • After that, add hard boiled eggs after chopping them. Keep in mind the eggs must be gooey inside.
    • Add 4 tablespoons of Mayo in the bowl and stir it well.
    • Zest half a lemon and squeeze it a little bit and add salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients well.

    Method for Mushy Peas

    • Take a pan, add butter and fry some banana shallots.
    • Place water on the heat and bring it to a boil. Then, add frozen peas and mint to it.
    • Drain the peas and add them to the shallots.
    • Add salt, pepper, and 2 tablespoons of double cream and mush it.
    Follow this easy fish and chips recipe to enjoy a good meal at home.



    Recipe adapted from: Food Busker

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