• Christmas Wreath Cookies Made With Corn Flakes: No-Bake Breakfast Treats for a Festive Holiday Season

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    I used to love watching my nana make these Christmas wreath cookies made with corn flakes when I was little.

    It’s like an old-fashioned cookie, but with no baking required!

    It’s Christmas time and there is nothing better than a Christmas wreath cookie!

    These festive green Christmas wreaths are made with melted marshmallows, corn flakes cereal, and food coloring.

    The holiday season is a joyous time of year, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to bring together family and friends.

    There are many ways to do this: Christmas tree decorating, Christmas cookie making, or even exchanging Christmas cards.

    All of these activities make for wonderful memories that you can cherish long after Christmas has passed.

    One easy Christmas cookie recipe we recommend is Easy Corn Flake Christmas Wreath Cookies!

    These festive green wreaths and red candy corn flake Krispie treats will make a wonderful addition to any Christmas dessert spread this holiday season!

    Whether you want to serve them as an after-school snack or as part of your Christmas breakfast buffet table – they’re perfect for any occasion!

    Christmas Wreath Cookies Made With Corn Flakes

    How to make Cornflake Christmas wreaths?

    Corn Flake Wreath Cookies are made by melting butter and marshmallows, then stirring in green food coloring.

    They’re folded with corn flakes cereal to create the dough for these delicious treats!

    To finish them off you scoop out some mixture into your hand before rolling it onto an even thickness between two pieces of waxed paper or aluminum foil (to prevent sticking).

    Once everything’s been coated nicely all overtake another look at what looks best – maybe placing candy dots wherever they’ll fit well enough as if they were ornaments on a Christmas wreath.

    They’re so easy to decorate too!

    We used candy corn for our Christmas treetop and red jelly beans to poke into the frosting at the bottom.

    You can also use melted chocolate to attach nuts, sprinkles or other edible treats as well before it cools down completely.

    These cookies will keep in an airtight container for up to a week. Enjoy!

    Cornflake wreaths – Yes it’s a thing!

    Rice Krispie could not be so glorious! I enjoy mixing this with different cereals and shapes. This Christmas wreath uses red candies with cornflakes.
    These Christmas-themed wreath patterns would enhance a table of holiday desserts.
    All these plates are filled with nostalgia.
    They seem vintage, charming with their candies.
    But if that’s not enough, they look amazing decorated with string and snow-white frosting.


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