• 10 Best Spicy Margarita Recipes- Get The Party Started With These Delicious Margarita Recipes!

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    There’s something about a Margarita that just makes any occasion better. Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo, National Tequila Day, or just looking for an excuse to drink on a Tuesday night, this classic cocktail is always a good choice. And while the original recipe is hard to beat, there are plenty of variations out there that are worth trying.

    That’s where the Spicy Margarita comes in. This variation of the classic cocktail refocuses the recipe without losing what makes it so great. From sweet to savory, these 10 recipes are sure to please any palate!

    10 Best Spicy Margarita Recipes

    1. Spicy Jalapeño Margarita 

    Looking for an easy, refreshing drink? Try the jalapeño margarita! It’s spicy and sweet with just enough tartness to make it interesting. You only need six ingredients (plus some tortilla chips) so don’t wait any longer before you start this party in your mouth today. Recipe here

    2. Spicy Jalapeno Margarita With Fresh Lime Juice

    With a little kick and some spice, this Spicy Jalapeño Margarita recipe will transport you to the sunny beach. Made with tequila as well as fresh lime juice in addition to orange juice for added flavor – it’s not an ordinary drink! Recipe here

    3. Best Spicy Margarita Recipe

    This delicious spicy margarita recipe is just the thing to cool down your summer. It combines fresh orange juice, fresh jalapeño slices, and lime together with Blanco tequila served over ice in a refreshing Tajin-sauced glass! Recipe here

    4. The Damn Good Spicy Margarita

    What could be better than a spicy, tangy drink that will have your mouth watering and eyesight adjusting? A damn good margarita made with the best ingredients. The spicy margarita is the perfect drink for anyone who loves spice. It’s not just about drinking one on your next night out, either- this recipe can also be enjoyed on any occasion! Recipe here

    5. Light & Refreshing Spicy Margarita Recipe

    Kick up your cocktail game with these spicy margaritas! Fresh lime and orange juice are combined to make the ultimate sipping drink. Homemade jalapeño infused tequila mixed smooth, this is one fiesta you don’t want to miss out on. Recipe here

    6. Spicy Sunset Margarita

    The spicy margarita is the perfect drink to enjoy during summertime. This Spicy Mango Margarita not only has a delicious flavor but also comes with an added splash of grenadine which makes it even more exciting! If you’re looking for something different than your average Mexican food or cocktails then give this refreshing cocktail shot some ago- trust us when we say that there’s nothing like them anywhere else! Recipe here

    7. Spicy Cucumber Margarita

    The first sip of this tangy, spicy cocktail is invigorating. The coolness hits your mouth and then fire spreads throughout with an incredibly sharp flavor that leaves you wanting more! Recipe here

    8. Spicy Pineapple Habanero Margaritas

    Spicy Pineapple Habanero Margaritas are the perfect drink to cool off on a hot day. With just five ingredients, this refreshing cocktail will be sure to quench your thirst and satisfy any craving! Recipe here

    9. Spicy Grapefruit Margarita Recipe

    The fresh taste of grapefruit meets the spice in this refreshing margarita. Serve it up on an exotic beach somewhere far away, or make sure you have some good patio furniture because after one too many cocktails these days I’m liking my liver much less than before! Recipe here

    10. Spicy Watermelon Margarita

    With a name like “watermelon margarita,” you know this drink is going to be refreshing and summer-y. The best part about it? It’s so easy! All we need are some watermelons, tequila (of course), fresh lime juice – which gives the perfect balance between sour/tart flavors-, sugar syrup or honey for sweetness preference…and then maybe some ice if desired. That’s basically IT!! Recipe here

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