How To Make Jack And Coke Popsicles

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Have you ever thought of turning your favorite cocktails into ‘poptails’ or boozy popsicles? This recipe does exactly that! Jack and coke is a classic that is tasty and refreshing and this is actually the cocktail you will be using to make these amazing Jack and Mexican Coke Popsicles. As a mater of fact, the original recipe calls for Mexican Coke, but you could use the normal, good ol’ Coca Cola if you prefer!
This recipe could not be easier! You’re going to some need popsicle molds and wooden sticks to make these refreshing popsicles and if you don’t have them yet, find here where to get them.


Jack And Coke Popsicles

How To Make Jack And Coke Popsicles

You’ll Need

5 fluid ounces Jack Daniels Whiskey
20 fluid ounces Mexican Coke , flattened (pour into a bowl and allow to sit until no more carbonation is present; about 1 hour)
Popscile Mold
Wooden Popsicles Sticks

Read the full recipe and get tips for making perfect boozy popsicles at Boulder Locavore,

Thanks to Toni Dash for this amazing recipe and featured image!

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